Pre-sale Valuation

The real estate sale process works much better if an independent valuation is obtained by the vendor prior to seeing any agents. It is important that the price you put your property on the market for is exactly right. If it’s too low you lose money. If it’s too high you could waste weeks or months of your time keeping the house at open inspection standard and waste thousands of dollars in advertising the property.

The aim of a real estate agent’s appraisal is not to give you the best information but to get you to list the property for sale with them. It is in the vendor’s interest to obtain unbiased professional advice – from a qualified independent valuer whose only role is to give his client the best possible information. You will feel much more confident in dealing with the agents once this has been done.

The valuation report will describe the property, comment on any shortcomings which might affect its marketability and include an analysis of recent sales of similar properties in the area to ensure that the price you are asking is in the appropriate range.